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Escape the Everyday

At My Escape Spa and Salon we know that the stress of daily life can sometimes get the best of all of us and we just need to find an oasis of calm or a moment of peace. We will help you to escape from the stresses and demands of your day-to-day life and let you relax and rejuvenate with our tailor-made skincare, massage and beauty services.

Everyone’s skin is different, and we customise our skincare services to meet the needs of each client. Whether providing a facial, a skin treatment, an eyelash tint, make-up or a massage, our team of passionate skincare and beauty specialists work with each client to provide a service that is right for them. We know we’ve done our job well when our clients leave our salon feeling calm and relaxed, with fresh and radiant skin.

My Escape Spa and Salon is a home away from home for our clients and, like family, they deserve only the very best products and services we can offer. Our skincare and beauty products are Australian-made and free of any nasty chemicals.

Visit us for a skincare consultation, an express pedicure or just to spend some time browsing through our beautiful range of skincare, make-up and wellness products. We’d love to welcome you to My Escape Spa and Salon and help you escape from the everyday, even just for a moment.